Thursday, September 23

Fun with Dad


I have been trying to use up some of my old SU scrappin' kits. I have a ton and several have hardly been used! I said it before and this just confirms it that I hoard paper...lots and lots of paper! Pattern paper is definitely one my weaknesses. A gal can never have too much pattern paper right? *wink*!

Anywho, I sat down and used some of the papers and sticker from the scrappin' kits to make a few scrapbook pages. I was surprised how quickly some of them went together. My goal is to be able to make a few calendars with them for Christmas gifts for family members.
I have a lot of pictures that I set aside quite a while ago with the best intentions of using them on scrapbook pages. Well some of them are now a few years old but I am using some of those pictures on the pages and tossing in a few newer ones too.

I do not remember the name of the scrappin' kit that I used for this page but it has a family/home theme to it.

Abbi was probably 5-6 when she had her first motorcycle ride and she loved it...unlike Mom...I am not a fan of of them at all! They scare me! lol!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting, I love that you do!

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lisa808 said...

I'm with you--I'm afraid of motorcycles too! Glad your daughter is more adventurous. Great page!

p.s. Aren't we all paper hoarders?!?!?