Sunday, April 28

Celebrate Today

Today I am blogging over at The Craft's Meow Blog. The card I am sharing is one I made for the last day of the April non-release festivities. I was not able to share my card on the 21st as my daughter went into labor that Friday night and I was not able to get to a computer to finish my post in time so I saved it to share with you today.

Head on over to TCM blog for all the details on how I made the card.

Before you go, this is my new Grandson, Myles :^) 
He is perfect and looks so much like my daughter did as a baby! 

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you over at the TCM blog!


Sandra van Blaricum said...

Congrats Sharri!!
He looks so sweet, beautiful boy!

lisa808 said...

Beautiful card & baby! Congrats!