Thursday, February 12

Valentine Treats

Good Morning!

I picked my daughter up from school yesterday and her first words to me were "Mom I need...". I don't know about you but when I hear those words it usually means that what ever is needed is needed for the next day and will have to be taken care of that afternoon and/or evening.
Thankfully it was something I was planning on starting yesterday but was not planning on needed them done the next day - yikes!

Abbi needed to bring her Valentines for the class so the kids had time to get them in each others mailboxes before their party Friday morning.
I was planning on making a treat box but given the shorter time frame, I made a Valentine Matchbook. These were really easy and quick.

The dimensions for the matchbook is a strip of paper 3 1/2 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches long. Score this strip at 3/4, 41/2 and 5 inches then fold at the score lines so it opens like a matchbook. I stapled the 3/4 little flap close to the score line to make the little pocket that the cover slides into the keep the matchbook closed.
I used my heart nesties to decorate the front and the sentiment is from SU's Toucan of my Love.
Here is a picture of the inside. I used score tape to attach the bag of M&Ms.
My daughter helped decorate some of the insides and addressed them to the kids which you would think it be helpful and we'd finish up faster...Ummm no. She had to have specific paper for inside hearts for just girls and another for the boys. We couldn't tape the hearts on she had to glue them by herself which we then had to wait for the glue to dry because she tends to use more glue than is needed "to make sure they stick" as I am told.
We finally got them finished in time for her to go to bed.
I had just gotten into bed myself when I heard paper rustling. When I got out to the kitchen my dog had helped herself to one of the Valentine's. She had ripped it apart and was munching on the M&M's.
I got up earlier this morning so I could make a replacement Valentine for the eaten one. While I was working on that, I had my husband re-count all the Valentines and found out she got more than just that one. That dog is a stinker!
So how was your morning?
I hope your day is filled with fun and laughter!

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Cindy Haffner said...

Cute dog story, had the same thing happen one year with Easter candy. Dog was not in the good books. Hee hee Love your Valentine.